Adolescent and Child Psychiatry
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What about medications?

As a board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, I am a fully qualified and experienced psychopharmacologist and feel that, when indicated and necessary, medications can be very helpful in reducing problematic target symptoms which are causing interference in the child’s ability to function and derive the most benefit from their psychotherapy. However, I strongly believe that a psychiatrist’s role should not be limited to providing only psychopharmacology treatments, which is a role into which psychiatrists have been progressively pidgeonholed in this era of managed health care. In my practice, I strive to make medication treatment, when necessary, a part of an overall treatment strategy which is primarily rooted in psychotherapy. This has the added benefit of allowing for closer monitoring of medication efficacy and side effects, given the fact that I have a regular (usually weekly) visit with the child or adolescent. It is my impression that, ultimately, there is no substitute for a supportive and nurturing ongoing human relationship.

Do you do “medication evaluations” and/or see patients for medications only?

Yes, in circumstances in which the child or adolescent is well-engaged in psychotherapy from another therapist who refers them to me for such consultation, and I am able to accommodate this request and work closely with the child, family, and therapist.